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  • Gary Suarez

KOWLOON WALLED CITY ARE WHINY (ALSO, THEY’RE TOURING AND HAVE LIKE AN EP OR SOMETHING COMING OUT)Before me, Kowloon Walled City were a bunch of nothing nobodies turning tricks in Tenderloin tenements. I discovered them, presented them to the MetalSucks masses, interviewed them, ranked them highly (#10) on my Best Albums of 2009 list… and what do I get? Email after email from frontman Scott Evans bitching and moaning that I don’t cover them enough!

“Waaah, we have a new split vinyl release with Fight Amp and Ladder Devils. Why haven’t you written about it?”

“Waaah, we’re touring the East Coast with Batillus for two weeks. Why won’t you post the tour dates?”


Look, I’m a very busy man. I write about hardcore for a metal blog. I travel to foreign countries, canoodle with beautiful women, stomp my own grapes, and arrange bare-knuckle boxing matches. I’M FUCKING BUSY, OKAY??? Haven’t I done enough for Kowloon Walled City? I transformed these (admittedly quite talented) crumb bums into shimmering superstars of the New Wave of American Noise Rock. What more do they want from me?! So consider this post my good deed for the year. The goddamn tour dates are below.

9/18 NYC – Cake Shop w/Riff Cannon (early show)
9/19 Boston, MA – Great Scott w/Disappearer, Riff Cannon
9/20 Providence, RI – AS220 w/Tongue Dynasty, Witch King
9/21 Baltimore, MD – Hexagon w/Salome, Oak
9/22 Pittsburgh, PA – Garfield Artworks
9/23 Knoxville, TN – The Pilot Light w/New Brutalism
9/24 Atlanta, GA – Eyedrum – Forward to the Apocalypse Fest
9/25 New Orleans, LA – Koenji House (2608 Magazine @ 3rd) w/Thou
9/26 Baton Rouge, LA – Rachel Haus w/Thou
9/27 Birmingham, AL – Magic City Wholesale w/Black Hole Kids
9/28 Raleigh, NC – DIVEbar Raleigh w/Machete! (free!)
9/29 Chapel Hill, NC – The Reservoir w/Machete!
9/30 Richmond, VA – Strange Matter w/Lord By Fire
10/1 Philadelphia, PA – Kung Fu Necktie w/Fight Amp, Ladder Devils
10/2 Brooklyn, NY – The Acheron w/Liturgy

(all dates with Batillus)


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