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Nearly a year ago I wondered aloud whether Roadrunner Records’ reign as a premiere metal label had come to an end, only to eat my words a month later when they announced they’d signed two metal bands, Grand Magus and Baptized in Blood. Grand Magus are an established act with a long history, but Baptized in Blood are a different story; Roadrunner taking a chance on a brand new band heavier than Nickelback in the year 2010? Color me interested.

Now we finally get to hear what these Canadians have been up to for the past year in the form of a free download of their brand new track “Last Line Lady.” Not that you’d know whose track it is due to the lack of proper ID3 tags in the MP3 file (tsk tsk, come on Roadrunner, get it together! pet peeve), but “Last Line Lady” is a fucking ripper and a great track with which to whet the public’s appetite. There’s a dose of Gothenburg, a dose of thrash, a healthy heaping of cock rock and a guy that sounds like Andrew W.K. screaming over top of it; it’s an interesting mix, and I like it.

Baptized in Blood are playing the MetalSucks / Metal Injection / 1000 Knives CMJ Showcase at Club Europa in Brooklyn on Wednesday, October 20th along with A Life Once Lost, Car Bomb, This or the Apocalypse and Last Chance to Reason. Buy tickets here.

Hear the new song for yourself here for the price of an email address, then come back and share your thoughts on it with us; the free download will be available until 2pm EDT on Thursday, October 7th.


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