Hey, it’s time for another edition of “Cinemetal Round-Up,” in which I lump a bunch of new metal videos together rather than write individual posts for each one! YYYYAAAAAYYYYY!!!!

First up today we have Triptykon’s video for “Shatter,” the title track from their new, five-song EP, which comes out next week. I don’t know what to say about about this video other than “It looks really, really cool.” Tom G. Warrior apparently came up with the concept himself, which shouldn’t surpirse anyone, and director Philipp Hirsch did an awesome job with the execution. It’s a great song, too! If you love it as much as we do, check back later today for more extra-special Triptykonian goodness, exclusively here at MetalSucks.

Next up we have “Wolves of Chernobyl,” the latest from Municipal Waste. After “Horny for Blood,” “The Wrath of the Severed Head,” and “Upside Down Church,” this is my fourth favorite song title from MW’s latest and greatest, Massive Aggressive. As was the case with the band’s last awesome video from that album, for the song “Wrong Answer” (not an especially funny title but still a great song!), this clip was directed by David Brodsky. While this new video lacks “Wrong Answer”‘s Shakespearean narrative, I do really dig the cinema verité documentary feel of the clip, as Mr. Brodsky apparently followed the band around their home state of Virginia on a typical Tuesday afternoon.

Finally, we have “Overlord,” the new video from Dreaming Dead and director Shawn McPherson. Now, Dreaming Dead are a great band (their album Within One topped Satan Rosenbloom’s “Best Of” list last year) and this song is killer, so I feel bad saying this, but… the video is borderline unwatchable. As in, I literally can’t see what the what is going on. Maybe if I brightened my monitor I’d be able to see better, but, uh, that would really make no sense as everything else looks fine. But really, don’t hold it against the band — they deserve your support anyway, disappointing video or no.


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