• Axl Rosenberg

I’m enjoying doing these “Cinemetal Round-Up” things, and hopefully you are, too. Actually, I don’t care if you’re enjoying them or not, I’m the one who has to write them and I don’t really know you anyway.

SO, here we go with the latest batch of clips intended to sell you some music.

First up, we have “Bow” from Julie Christmas. The video originally premiered on Stereogum, and the song comes from her new album, The Bad Wife. It’s Julie’s first solo album, although you’d never really know to listen to it — possibly because her Made Out of Babies bandmates apparently helped her write some of the music.

ANYWAY, if you watched this video with the sound off, you’d probably think it was for some viking metal band, ’cause Ms. Christmas and this Sasquatch are running around the woods. Luckily the song is pretty good so you don’t have to watch it with the sound off.

Next up we have “David De La Hoz” from The Chariot. I don’t know who David De La Hoz is or what he did to make The Chariot so angry, but I bet he’s glad that his video is at least cool and original. I wonder how many takes they did of this?

Next is “Unholy Virgin” from Black Breath. I don’t really understand what’s going on in this video, unless the whole point is just to remind us all how terrible experimental student films can be. But I really dig the song, even if the band stole their bass line from Melissa Etheridge.

Finally, we have “Arctica,” but Amberian Dawn. This video reminds me of the time in the tenth grade when this kid invited me to play D&D with him and the foreign exchange student after school, but instead I felt his sister up behind the gym and then went home and listened to music that wasn’t completely fucking awful. Ah, the memories.


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