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jason suecofJason Suecof is a genius. I don’t mean that in the metaphorical way; he really must be one the smartest guys in all of metal. I remember the “making of” documentary DVD packaged with some album he produced a few years back [Chimaira, I think] in which he picked up a guitar and started ad-libbing a parody of whatever band it was right on the spot, complete with riffs, leads and lyrics. He’s also fucking hilarious, as anyone who’s ever met him or seen interviews with him can attest to. And best of all, he’s got a sense of humor about himself.

While Suecof’s twisted combination of talent and comedy don’t often intermingle on the finished records that you hear, he’s done a series of parody songs over the years that show off both qualities and probably took him all of 5 minutes to write and record. The first, “Shadows Balls,” was — duh, a Shadows Fall parody — that perfectly nails all of that bands trademark sounds in one song. Now he’s decided to let the world in on an Ill Niño parody he tracked back in 2005, and, no surprise, it’s both spot on and fucking hysterical. Stream “Dill Piño” over at Gun Shy Assassin. I suppose that October of 2010 is a fine time to let this song out of the bag, as Ill Niño are about to drop a new record on leading independent label VICTORY RECORDS.

Yeah, you heard that chorus correctly: “You make me feel so real, so fucking unreal /  You make feel so unreal that I feel real.” Perfect.


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