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Hey, remember a couple of weeks ago when Schmucky Erna from Godsuck called Scott Stapp from Suck* a “faggot,” and then called a guy who likes Stapp’s band a “faggot?” Well, he’s apologized. Sort of. But not really.

Here’s the first part of the apology:

“I would like to send my sincerest apologies to the members of Creed, Scott Stapp and any of our fans that I may have offended for an insulting and disrespectful comment I had made towards Scott Stapp and Creed at a show Godsmack recently played in Connecticut at Mohegan Sun. I have no excuses whatsoever.”

Okay, that’s not the best apology ever, but at least it’s on-topic. Maybe add a comment about you realize now that only children use slurs against homosexuals as an insult, and we can put all this nonsense behind us, right?

Except that’s not what Erna does in the next part of his apology. Instead, he shifts the blame back to Scott Stapp:

“The truth here is, there has been a lot of bad blood for many, many years between myself and Scott concerning his actions towards a young fan he disrespected, and how he has treated people in the past. And from that day forth I had completely lost all respect for him. But the details of what he did are no longer important now. What’s important is that it was a long time ago, and I know Scott has come clean, admitting his faults from the past for the most part, and has worked hard on cleaning himself up. And I should have respected that and given the guy the benefit of the doubt. But I didn’t. I got hung up in the moment, and said something that was completely out of line through a grudge I have carried for many years about him. For that I would like to ‘publicly apologize’ to all the members of Creed and their fans. With the exception of Scott, I have been friends with the members of Creed/Alter Bridge for many years, and I am embarrassed as a friend to have insulted them like I did.”

Wait, what? Who gives a shit why Sully doesn’t like Scott Stapp? No one was mad because he talked shit about Scott Stapp. It was the way he talked shit about Scott Stapp. “Scott Stapp is a talentless hack and I hope all his hair falls out.” There, I just insulted Scott Stapp and I did it without offending any minorities, save for maybe people with alopecia.

(And besides, saying “This dude did something but I’m not allowed to say what it is” is the argument of a six year old.)

But even when Erna admits that “this was an immature and meaningless attack,” never says it’s because he used the word “faggot” — he says it’s because “music is not a competition.” WAY TO COMPLETELY MISS THE POINT OF WHY PEOPLE WERE MAD AT YOU, FUCKO. As a friend of ours used to say, you Sully Erna is so stupid that you can’t even give him a dime to buy himself a clue, ’cause he’d just lose the dime anyway.

I’m saying he’s a real dummy.


*Vince and I never have found a good way to change Creed’s name to fit the word we value above all others. Any suggestions… or, rather, suckgestions?


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