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Serious question: does anyone actually watch these shred instructional videos and go “eureka! that’s how it’s done! it all makes sense and now i can shred too!” on their way to shred superstardom, or do we all just stare at these videos in awe and use them as proof that there are real, live players behind those leads instead of superhuman automatons? ‘Cause it seems to me like these videos are at way too high of a level for anyone to actually be able to learn anything off of them… or, if you’re at a high enough level to where having these complex shred riffs slowed down a wee bit actually helps them make sense to you, shouldn’t you be able to figure them out anyway without the aid of a video like this?

Whatever… I’m content to watch in awe and be astounded that a man can actually make the sounds that come from Tosin Abasi’s guitar. Damn, that “CAFO” riff is sick.


[via Got Djent]

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