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So, I know I’m not supposed to be biased about my favorite team in this blog thing, but c’mon, did you see last Monday’s game? Holy shit! It wasn’t even a real game. Someone should tell Sanchez to relieve his evil twin that has been playing in his place the last two weeks.

On that topic, the Pats faced the mighty Bears yesterday in a brutal snow storm bringing back New England memories of snowbowls, field goals, and ex-cons riding snowblowers. I think the main reason NE buried the Bears, clinching the playoff berth, is that Tom Brady officially changed the team’s footwear from cleats to Uggs. They’re just so warm. A couple weeks ago, the Australian boot company signed Tom Brady to be their spokesperson, claiming that he could get men, a demographic that has shied away from Uggs, to wear their silly boots. Good luck with that.

Green Bay, what happened? The Packers have been looking real good as of late, winning four of their last five games, but fell short to the Lions this week. With an early injury to QB Aaron Rogers, his second concussion of the season, the Packers couldn’t recover in a game they needed to win. Lions at home man, look out! Detroit waited to score their only points of the game in the fourth, with a missed opportunity earlier in the game to put three on the board. Detroit is used to dealing with close losses, but this week, it was a close win.

Denver coach Eric Studesville received a rude welcome into his new position this week, as his team was outright destroyed by the Arizona Cardinals. In a game plagued with turnovers, rookie QB’s, and a surprise TD run by kicker Jay Feely, who dominated the game, Denver came up real short.

My favorite game of the week had to be the Giants-Vikings match where the roof caved in. Around 5 am on Sunday morning, the roof of the Metrodome collapsed under the weight of a shit load of snow, killing the Vikings home field advantage. The Lions have been kind enough to lend their Ford Field to the NFL for the rescheduled game, which will now take place on Monday night along with the Baltimore-Houston game. The storm that crushed the inflatable roof also stranded the Giants in Kansas City. Nature does not want this game to happen.

Monday night’s game also marks a first for Ford Field, having never had an MNF game in it, and Brett Farve’s possible first non-start in 297 games due to a shoulder injury. I think Brett is going to run out on the field tonight after a miraculous recovery. He’s too bull headed to not finish his last season, hopefully, starting every game.

Here’s the roof caving vid. It was listed under “sports” and “comedy” on YouTube. That cracked me up. They should still play on the field. If Chicago and New England played on a field covered in snow, these teams can play on a field that has a huge pile of snow on just one end. It would rule!!! No Fun League indeed.

It’s almost time so let’s start our Super Bowl predictions. Pats-Eagles, BAM!!! Although, if we have to play Baltimore in the playoffs, it’ll be tough.


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