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Remember that “Map of Djent” published by in December? With more fan data now in the site’s database, has published an updated version of the map showing a better representation of the tastes of the site’s visitors. The new version still shows that four bands, Meshuggah, Periphery, TesseracT and Animals as Leaders — the “Big Four” of djent, if you will — dominate the scene, but it also shows a much tighter and bigger cluster of bands immediately surrounding them. Make sure you click the above image to enlarge it and view it in full.

This “map” has the same minor flaws as the previous version: 1) The site is based in the U.K. and as such best represents that country’s musical taste (which in a few cases lean towards native bands such as TesseracT, Fellsilent and Monuments), not necessarily those of the entire world, 2) Some of these bands definitely aren’t djent, 3) The results certainly weren’t collected scientifically. But that doesn’t mean the data should be discounted, just that it should not be viewed as definitive; this is an AWESOME visual representation of the musical tastes of a certain subset of metal fans. At some point I’d love to see a chart, graphic or animation that takes the data used to compile this map and uses it to show a growth (or demise) in a band’s popularity over time.


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