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Our friends over at Brooklyn Vegan are giving away a new Weedeater song! It’s called “Mancoon.” I have no idea what that word means. I Googled it and what came up was “Maine Coon,” which is apparently a huge fucking cat. I don’t think that’s what the song is about, though.

ANYWAY, “Mancoon” will appear on Weedeater’s new EP, Jason… The Dragon, which comes out March 15 on Southern Lord. I believe this is the band’s first release since vocalist/bassist “Dixie” Dave Collins accidentally shot off his big toe just about a year ago. It seems to me that the band is missing a real opportunity to make a unique concept album about a stoner who simultaneously proves that drugs and guns don’t mix and gives other stoners a bad name when he quite literally shoots himself in the foot, but whatever. It’s not my band.

Download “Mancoon” here.


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