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I love Ihsahn, you love Ihsahn, we all love Ihsahn. His 2010 album After was my second favorite of the year, you all voted it as your #1 favorite of the year, and everyone seemed pretty darn excited when he announced last week that he’d contribute vocals to a new Devin Townsend track. Seeing as 65% of this site’s viewership is based in the U.S. and we get like a gazillion hits, wouldn’t you think it’s high time for Ihsahn to tour these United States?

MS reader Richard Donahue sure thinks so, and he’s even created a Facebook page to support the cause. The Facebook page specifically calls for Opeth to bring Ihsahn to the U.S. as support, which strikes me as overly ambitious since that’s asking two parties to get their acts together instead of just one (on top of which Opeth haven’t announced a U.S. tour or even their new album yet). But it’s the thought the counts, and if Ihsahn and his people see that there’s enough interest to launch a U.S. tour then presumably they will, with Opeth or otherwise.

So go on and “sign” the petition by clicking the “Like” button on the page. You’ll be glad you did when Ihsahn finally makes it here and you feel partially responsible.


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