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EXODUS’ GARY HOLT NAMED TEMPORARY GUITARIST FOR SLAYERI’m posting outside of our regular hours because I was just got a press release that Exodus’ Gary Holt has been named Slayer’s temporary replacement for Jeff Hanneman (who just had emergency surgery on his arm), and that seems like kind of a big deal. As far as I’m aware at least, it’s the first time a guitarist who isn’t Hanneman or Kerry King will play and tour with the band (I mean, I’m sure other dudes have gotten up and jammed on a song or two with the band, but it’s not quite the same thing). In fact, I don’t even know of Holt having ever really played with another band.

And even if he did (presumably during Exodus’ late 90s/early aughties hiatus), the story would still be a big deal, ’cause Holt is obviously pretty legendary, and Slayer is obviously pretty legendary, and so it seems kinda cool that, for a short time, Holt is gonna be a member of Slayer. It’s like Audioslave, but not corporate and poopy.

(Nerdy side note: Paul Bostaph used to be the drummer in Exodus and Slayer. So I guess those bands like one another.)

Slayer, being typically Slayer, did not release a statement with the announcement. No “We love Gary and we’re stoked to have him on board” bullshit. I’m not being ironic when I say that makes me happy. I can just hear King going “We’re fucking paying him and he’s fucking playing, what the fuck else do you fuckers want from us?” I love you, you bald, grumpy motherfucker, you.


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