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The last time Gorguts released an album was in 2001, during my very extended break from metal (which lasted from roughly 1996 through 2003). Much like with those Dying Fetus reissues Relapse is putting out, the band’s recent activity has been an impetus for me to listen to what I’d missed during all those years I was rabidly collecting live Pink Floyd bootlegs (#srsly). And as all of you who are tr00er than me and who came out of the womb listening to metal and never once stopped surely know, shit is mad sick bro. For once, the hype is justified; I was floored when I witnessed them crush Brooklyn last year with Portal and Krallice… must… have… more… immediately. Death metal wins. This is the band whose album tech-death titans Obscura named their own band after, for chrissakes.

Perhaps no death metal record is more anticipated in 2011 than the one Gorguts are working on now, save maybe Morbid Angel’s return. Various Internet chatter over the weekend steered me towards Gorguts’ MySpace page, where the band has posted a pre-production demo of a new song (appropriately titled “New Song (pre-production)” at the bottom of the player). I’m not sure how long this track has been posted so I’m not sure how new it is, but it’s there now, and it rips. There’s also a new material sampler track (called “New Material (sample)”!) with clips from various other pre-pro demos including “Number Three,” which they debuted live last year. Start your Monday off on the right foot and go check these tunes out now. No word yet on when the album will be released or what it will be called.


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