I’d never heard of the NYC-based band Jolly before, but frequent comparisons to Porcupine Tree piqued my interest. I actually enjoy their music more than I enjoy Porcupine Tree’s; based on “Patterns,” above, I’d say they’re heavier and more proggy. But it’s the concept behind their new album The Audio Guide to Happiness, out today in Europe and on March 8th in the U.S. via InsideOutMusic, that I find most interesting. From their MySpace page:

JOLLY‘s latest release, The Audio Guide to Happiness (Part 1), takes these concepts to a new level. It is a self-reflective sonic journey scientifically tailored to guide the listener through the strata of his/her own emotional make-up. The listener is subjected to musical mood dynamics and key lyrical triggers while the brain is fed corresponding binaural tones. These tones are carefully and deliberately interwoven within the music to support all appropriate peaks and valleys throughout the experience.

Through extensive research and surveys from over 5,000 subjects, JOLLY has combined the art of musical production with sociological and neurological data, packaging it all into one cohesive system comprised of four phases. The first two phases make up part 1 of The Audio Guide to Happiness.

Sounds pretty cool, right? Check out the above video for a look into some of the actual research the band conducted. I don’t wanna ruin it for you… just watch.


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