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Oh, man, remember Demiricous?  Their Metal Blade debut, One (Hellbound), fucked our faces off in 2006, and they released an equally crushing follow-up, Two (Poverty), just a year later. They had such a bright future! They were Kerry King’s favorite band! And then… well, they pretty much fell apart. Word around the campfire is they got completely fucked by some scumbag manager, and then they fell split with Metal Blade in 2008. In 2009 they announced that they were working on new material, but 2010 came and went with no news whatsoever from the band.

But there’s news now! According to Lambgoat, they’re releasing a four-song EP/demo this Thursday, March 10 (rad cover art above). And there’s already two new songs streaming on their Facebook page! Hoo-ray!

Now comes the kinda sad part, where I have to say that while I like these songs, I don’t like them quite as much as some of the old Demiricous stuff. And I wish I had a better reason than “They used to sound heavier,” because that’s such a cliché, but, seriously… they used to sound heavier. Nate Olp seems to have dropped his gargling-with-broken-glass-and-battery-acid growl for a more hardcore-ish yelp (although someone is doing some pretty cool MONSTER FROM HELL shit towards the end of “…And it Drives the Heathen”), and the guitars aren’t as crunchy as they were back in the days when the band was being produced by the likes of Zeuss and Erik Rutan.

But maybe Demiricous Version 2.0 will just take some getting used to. I certainly do dig these songs — I probably ought not to judge based solely on my expectations, as opposed to the music.

I guess I’ll find out when the EP is released on Thursday. In the meantime, headbang here and let me know your own personal opinion of this new material.


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