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Raise your hand if you’re over the age of 25 and don’t remember doing EXACTLY what this kid does in the beginning of the new Becoming The Archetype video below.


Exactly. If anything, this video is flawed in that there’s no WAY any NES set would simply work on the first try. A good friend once told me that Nintendos are like penises — everyone knows how to use their own the best. On my set (WHICH I STILL HAVE, BITCHES!) you’ve got to put the cartridge in, slide it firmly to the left or right, and hold down the restart button while you push “power.” If that doesn’t work, slide the cartridge to the other side and repeat. And repeat. And repeat. We must conclude, then, that this video takes place in 1986 like the game title screen suggests and that the set is brand new. Rad.

This video rules in all sorts of ways, not the least of which is the awesome song “Magnetic Sky” to which it’s set. We’ve been writing about Becoming the Archetype a bunch lately, and with good reason… they rule. So does this video; it’s like real-life Final Fantasy (the first one, you assholes, not Final Fantasy 7,567 or whatever they’re up to now). The best is the look on the kid’s face as he leads his party into the swamp; swamps were always the worst in that game!

Raise your hand if you didn’t ever imagine yourself in a real-life version of this game as you played it.


Carry on. Celestial Completion is out now, and available for order here.

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