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New Boy Hits Car track!

Round about the time Boy Hits Car released their Wind-Up Records debut Boy Hits Cars in 2002 I became obsessed with that record. As GroverXIII at The Number of the Blog says, the band was “nu-metal at heart” but Boy Hits Car always felt a head above that scene which might explain why they were never fully embraced by kids who just did it for the nookie. Here’s Grover on what made BHC special (the only thing he leaves out is “tons of sick riffs” [that all sounded the same, yes, but were sick nonetheless]):

There were the vocals, which were a bit high-pitched and overwrought, and the lyrics, which were mostly about love and emotion instead of the usual nu metal toughguy cliches, to the point that they refer to their music as “lovecore”, and then there was the 12-string acoustic guitar that tended to crop up on occasion. Really, Boy Hits Car were a bit cheesy, to the outside observer, and they were certainly an acquired taste. But there was something about them that felt… I don’t know… genuine.

I mean, there were (and are) a lot of bands that manufactured emotion for the purpose of selling records to teenagers who were sad because someone made fun of them in the lunch room at school. Boy Hits Car never felt like that. They are a band who are very passionate about life and love and, well, everything, and it truly comes through in their music.

TNOTB also tells us that Boy Hits Car just released a new album called Stealing Fire, the first since some album released in 2005 that I also didn’t know about until just now. Two band-members have been swapped, but that trademark BHC sound is mercifully intact; Grover nails it again when he says, “Boy Hits Car isn’t for everyone, and I can understand why people would dismiss them, but for those who like them, Stealing Fire will seem wonderfully familiar.” Stream “Stealing Fire From the Sun” from that album above; the album is available for download at the band’s official site, although you’ll annoyingly have to download each track separately.


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