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  • Axl Rosenberg

If you’re not excited about the new Hate Eternal album, Phoenix Amongst the Ashes, lick my calloused heel. Lick it with spicy mustard. I don’t even really know what the hell that last thing I wrote means, but, seriously, GET EXCITED BECAUSE IT’S SO GOOD.

I don’t have a good segue, but, knowing now, as you do, that this record rips, you should watch the below video, the first in a series of behind-the-scenes studio clips that the eternal haters over at Metal Injection are going to be running over the course of the next several weeks. Not only does it contain footage of the mighty Erik Rutan recording my favorite part of my favorite song on the album (that would be “Haunting Abound”), but it demonstrates that the atmosphere in the studio during the making of a Hate Eternal is really, really not what you’d expect based on the resulting music. I mean I would have guessed  that these guys all sit in complete silence on beds of nails in a windowless room with walls made of stone and lit only by candles resting atop human skulls, but, surprisingly, this is not actually the case.

Phoenix Amongst the Ashes comes out May 10 on Metal Blade. Seriously, my heel is now dipped in spicy mustard and awaiting licks from any who doubt its epic epicness.


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