Today marks the first anniversary of Peter Steele’s death and though we at MetalSucks have just dragged you to Bummer Town with our two-part Peter retrospective (read part I, part II), MS chum Mick Stingley of Rocksalt.Mx has big, green plans to turn our frown upside down. Yes, tonight at 10 PM EDT he unveils a lengthy unpublished 2005 interview with the always hilarious and merciless Type O Negative frontman. Treasure, right? Stingley, an ace music writer for Hollywood Reporter, Billboard, Metal Edge, and Terrorizer, gave me a peek at the sprawling Q&A; I can tell you it defines epic and hilarity. He’d phoned up Peter ostensibly to talk about Type O’s then-forthcoming Dead Again record, but unsurprisingly, the 12,000+ word interview stretches to accomodate subjects like joy and mortality and most points between. Read it as you crank Carnivore and Type O all day and night. Read it as you dash off angry letters to the Grammys and Revolver. Read it as you hail one of our greats, now elsewhere, always close by.


Check out Mick Stingley’s Rocksalt.mx, the Vanity Fair of metal, for more interviews with Johnny Kelly of Type O Negative and Seventh Void, Ministry’s Al Jourgensen, Doro Pesch, Michael Monroe, and more.

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