Arch Enemy’s newest album, Khaos Legions, isn’t scheduled to hit stores until June 7 (…fuck, summer’s almost here). Lucky for us, is premiering the band’s video for the song “Yesterday is Dead and Gone.”

I have watched the video twice and now consider myself an expert on it. I kid — there are no such things as experts — on anything.

I do, however, have a few random, from-the-hip observations about the video I’d like to share with you.

Feel free to head on over to now to watch the video first, if you want to avoid any spoilers.

  • Oh crap! Another Patric Ullaeus video. Hope it doesn’t suck too much;
  • Why are there only about nine protestors and four riot police officers?
  • And why are the protestors the ones sporting the smoke bombs?
  • What the hell are they rioting about?
  • The riot police remind me of the motorcyclists in the kids’ film Bolt with their cool dark visors;
  • Angela’s Gossow’s flat belly…mmmmm;
  • Okay, why is she standing behind Marilyn Manson’s podium?
  • How come the drummer, Daniel Erlandsson, gets only two seconds of face time?
  • Great, another band in a dilapidated warehouse video;
  • The set reminds me of the Danvers Mental Hospital setting from Session 9 replete with large hanging strips of plastic sheets;
  • Great, more lame-ass shaky cam syndrome — please stop this metal music video directors!;
  • Reminds me of Paul Greengrass’ Bloody Sunday, minus the large crowds, visceral violence, and intensity;
  • I like the song, even though it is somewhat forgettable;
  • Angela Gossow is a great front person;
  • The guitar solos seem to meander a bit and are a tad underwhelming;
  • It sure looks nice.

Despite my seemingly overall negativity, I actually kinda dig this video.

Tell me what you think.



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