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Alright, so Sepultura pretty much lost me after Chaos A.D. I am not a fan of Roots, nor of any of the Derrick Green-era albums that have been released thus far. And I don’t think I’m alone in having written the band off. Even if you like Roots, fifteen years is a long time for a group to release no albums of any real note. So I was pretty comfortable with the notion that Sepultura were just one of the many bands I love that had their moment in the sun and then more or less completely lost their way.

But then last week we were lucky enough to get hear a little bit of the unmastered version of the new album, Kairos, and you know what? It was pretty good! I obviously need to hear the entire thing in finished form before I can really pass judgment, but just based on the little we heard, I’d wager that this is easily going to be the best album the band has recorded with Green, and will almost certainly be superior to any Soulfly albums, as well as Cavalera Conspiracy’s Blunt Force Trauma (although CC’s Inflikted may still win the “Best Sepultura Album That’s Not Really a Sepultura Album” award). Some of it was downright Chaos A.D.-esque, which is, of course, terrific news.

I have no idea what the titles were the for the songs we heard, but the band has already performed one called “Seethe” live, and have now debuted the title track in concert, too. You can check out the latter below. I don’t think the crappy quality of either this nor the “Seethe” footage is demonstrative of what we heard last week, but hopefully it will at least whet your appetite for more.

Kairos comes out later this year on Nuclear Blast.


[via Metal Underground]

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