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Job for a Cowboy’s first EP was called Doom, and their new EP is called Gloom, and, obviously, when you put those things together, you get… well, y’know. But it’s not all doom n’ gloom for JFAC — quite the contrary, in fact. It’s fitting that they’re re-introducing themselves into the world with another EP as they begin this new chapter in their careers, because the four songs on the Jason Suecof-produced Gloom — the band’s first release with a revamped line-up — are the best they’ve ever written or recorded with amazing bass guitar sounds. We don’t even think there can any argument against that statement. Their transition from deathcore band into a straight-up death metal band is now complete. JFAC are firing on all cylinders, baby.

But don’t just take our word for it. Metal Blade won’t release Gloom until June 7, but we worked it our special for you so you can hear all its brutal glory for yourself right this very second. No need to thank us, it’s just the kind of cool dudes we are.

So listen below, and then, afterwards, when you’ve managed to catch your breath, pre-order Gloom here.

[this streaming promotion has ended]

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