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In 2006, Axl Rose’s Nu-GN’R played what was then their first show in almost four years at the Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC. Rose had recently made a surprise appearance on The Eddie Trunk Show*, dropping in after a texting session with Bach, whom he had not seen in many years. So at this first Hammerstein show, Rose brought out Bach, and they did a duet of “My Michelle,” and, of course, the crowd went totally apeshit.

Then they did it again for the next three nights the band played at the same venue. And then they did it again at almost every single Guns N’ Roses show since. And then Axl Rose made a guest appearance on Bach’s album, and then Bach made a guest appearance on Chinese Democracy. I mean, these guys sure did beat that gimmick until it was dead, and then they continued to beat it, just so its mother wouldn’t be able to give it an open casket funeral.

And I understand that Sebastian Bach needs to the warmth of the spotlight to survive, but I don’t understand why Axl Rose, who apparently has no qualms about doing whatever he pleases when he pleases, would never tell Bach to fuck off. Is he that desperate for another Yes Man that he actually enjoys Bach’s company?

Or maybe Bach is just a remarkably durable breed of pest — y’know, like bed bugs.

If that’s the case, then it looks like poor Asking Alexandria are now infested. After doing “Youth Gone Wild” with Bach at the Revolver Golden Gods last month, the band found themselves once again joined by the former Skid Row singer at the Rock on the Range festival this past weekend. If Bach ends up touring the world with these dudes and doing this at every single concert, no one should be surprised. And if one or more members of Asking Alexandria end up on Bach’s new album, no one should be surprised. And if Bach’s new album still fails to sell, no one should be surprised… save for Sebastian Bach.

At least no one dropped their mic this time, though.


[via The PRP]

*Note: I realize it may not be called The Eddie Trunk Show. I do not actually know what Eddie Trunk’s show is called and I am too lazy to Google it, even though I totally could have Googled it in the time it took me type this.

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