Tour de Force



Some sexy years ago, Vince and I met through a friend outside a Mastodon show at Starland Ballroom in smelly New Jersey.  Sure we hit it off, but moreover young scrappy Neilstein could clearly tell that one day I would save his life (hasn’t happened yet, as far as I know), we’d introduce each other to shittons of great music (has happened in spades), and we’d grow to be like-minded bitter NYC Jews together (happening every day).

The very first show Vince and I ever attended together was to see Sleepy Hollow’s own No Remission at legendary defunct Times Square haunt Siberia (Vince’s review of that show here).  We were both immediately impressed by this group of heady thrashsters who clearly took their roots from Death and Metallica but have certainly branched out over the years to evolve their own sound to new heights.

And now the band is poised to release a ferocious new full-length entitled Through Blackened Skies, and all you NYCers have a chance to help them celebrate said album at their record release show this Saturday at The Studio at Webster Hall (with Alekhine’s Gun, Arcane Malevolence, and Left In Ruins).

Go support local heaviness!

Visit No Remission on maispays


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