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NOTE: We were all set to premiere this song this morning, but someone blew their load early and released it over the weekend. Luckily for whomever decided that person was, we have some awesome new Chimaira music to serve as an outlet for our rage, so his or her life is most likely still safe… for now. In any case, assuming you didn’t get to hear the tune yet, well, here it is!

The Age of Hell is almost upon us.

It’s no secret that these have been (ahem) hellish times for Chimaira. But if their new single, “Born in Blood” (below), is any indication, than they haven’t missed a beat creatively. A rager in the vein of the band’s anthems “Power Trip” and “Resurrection,”  “Born in Blood” is Chimaira music at its best: more vicious than a slaughter house, and just as full of hooks. To put it simply, Chimaira have, once again, stuck the fucking landing — and they seem to know it, too.  “There is no more doubt,” vocalist Mark Hunter bellows in simultaneous acknowledgment and dismissal of the sextet’s recent travails. “We won the war inside our minds… nothing can stop us now.” Yeah, no shit, dude!

So turn you speakers way, way, WAY up — if your walls are shaking and the neighbors are complaining, you’ve got it almost loud enough! — and then check out “Born in Blood” below. Then go here to download the track, which features a guest appearance by Whitechapel’s Phil Bozeman. You can download another new single from the band, “Trigger Finger,” here. Both songs will appear on The Age of Hell, out August 16 via eOne. We can’t wait.

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