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Vader - Welcome to the Morbid Reich

Polish baby aardbark impalers Vader have released a new track, and said track is free for the taking if you don’t mind sifting through the German language download page and parting with your email address. Click here to download “Come and See my Sacrifice” from Nuclear Blast.

And what can I say about the new track? It sounds like Vader. Pummeling death metal grooves, brutally catchy riffs, relentless double-bassing, plenty of blasts, a classic, ripping guitar solo… you know, Vader!

Because apparently Nuclear Blast still doesn’t understand that staggered international release dates in 2011 make about as much sense as Scientology (hint: it’s because of the Internet!), Welcome To The Morbid Reich will be released on August 12 in Europe and September 13 in North America, according to Gun Shy Assassin. Our U.S. readers will surely look forward to pirating this release as soon as the European release date hits, if they haven’t already done so by then.


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