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Vince was all on his own last week, so I forgive him for letting the news that there’s a new Brutal Truth song called “Addicted” streaming over at Noisecreep. But now I’m home and I want you to know, so I’m telling you now.

Now, the last time I wrote about a new Brutal Truth song, we got a whopping six comments on the story, one of which was to complain that enough people weren’t commenting, two of which were to complain that there’s still no new Pig Destroyer album coming out, and two of which were olds bitching about this damn Facebook thingamajig. I don’t know if that means you guys aren’t checking out the new Brutal Truth tunes or you just have nothing to say about them. Assuming the former is the answer, well PLEASE DO ME A FAVOR AND LISTEN TO THIS SONG, because BRUTAL TRUTH ARE FUCKING AWESOME AND DESERVE YOUR ATTENTION. If it’s the latter, just do me another favor and write “Yay this song is kewl!” or something in the comments section so I know you’re at least giving BT a shot. I’m bummed that there won’t be a new PxDx album until 2067, too, but fresh Brutal Truth is much too exciting to be considered a mere consolation prize.

Headbang here, then write the aforementioned kudos in our comments section. Brutal Truth’s latest album, End Time, comes out September 27 via Relapse. And if you haven’t already done so, watch the latest episode of MS’ “Cooking Contaminated,” in which fatures BT drummer Rich Hoak teaches you how to make a fucking pig’s head. Holy shit.


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