Anal Cunt - Fuckin AFile under “things I never thought I’d hear:” Anal Cunt covering Buckckcherry. But apparently now-deceased Anal Cunt frontman Seth Putnam (R.I.P.) was actually a huge Buckcherry fan. Check out this January 2011 interview from Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles:

Q: Fuckin A’ is a straight cock rock glam album… have you always been interested in sleazy glam Sunset Strip music?

A: “We were backstage on tour in 1996 and (guitarist) Josh Martin and I had the idea. We thought of calling the band Fuckin’ A. it’s been on the back burner for like 14 years. I saw MÖTLEY CRÜE in 1984 when they opened for OZZY OSBOURNE on the Shout At The Devil tour. And I liked the second BUCKCHERRY album a lot. I really like the first two Mötley Crüe albums. During a 2001 tour, we bought the second Buckcherry album on tour and listened to it. We’d start listening to it and do a bunch of crystal meth and crank it in the van. It would get us all psyched up to go on stage. The bad songs on Buckcherry albums are really good. In Japan in 2004 we’d crank Buckcherry on headphones and were doing crystal meth the whole time. Every other album Buckcherry has done is pretty terrible. The third album has one good song. The first album isn’t that good. The Buckcherry songs I really like are ‘Whiskey In The Morning’, and ‘Ridin’’.”

So, uh… there you go: Buckcherry, great for doing crystal meth to. Here’s Anal Cunt covering “Whiskey in the Morning.”


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