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Revocation - Chaos of Forms

Getting back into the flow of things this week we have a good number of new releases to listen to as we head out of the summer release season. New stuff from Yob, Chimaira, Revocation and Today Is The Day are probably the biggest releases this week, with some lesser-known gems in the herd as well.

Aliases – Safer Than Reality (Basick)
With an interesting blend of technical metal with elements of prog and hardcore, Aliases definitely blaze their own path. The music is certainly eclectic with all these influences, but they blend it all together in a very listenable package. The band features former members of SikTh and Veils, and this is their first release.

All Pigs Must Die – God Is War (Southern Lord)
A crusty, sludgy d-beatesque attack, God Is War is an extreme knockout punch of sonic chaos. Members of Converge, Bloodhorse and Hope Conspiracy are present in the group, whose only other release was their self-titled 2010 EP.

Attila – Outlawed (Artery)
Although this is really a pretty standard metalcore group, their individual take on the genre entertains me. Big on anthemic gang vocals and melodic guitar work, the songs move around enough to stay fresh in a genre in which I have been outspoken about my lack of interest (most of the time). Some of these tunes fall flat, but most of this works pretty well. This release follows up last year’s Rage.

Chimaira – The Age Of Hell (eOne)
Chimaira have been around for some time now, and since the release of 2009’s Infection the band has gone through its biggest lineup change in the band’s history. Drummer Andols Herrick, bassist Jim LaMarca and keyboardist Chris Spicuzza all left the band in the last two years, replaced by Dååth guitarist Emil Werstler (on bass) and vocalist John Zatorsky (on keyboards), as well as new drummer Austin D’Amond. Preview tracks don’t seem to indicate too much of a change in the band’s musical style, which is impressive. This is Chimaira’s sixth album in their 11-year career.

Creations – The Gospel (Rite Of Passage/Mediaskare)
Ugh. Creations play pretty boring metalcore (or really just hardcore with some alternative guitar tone and playing style). This is one of the first two records released by Rite Of Passage, Mediaskare’s new imprint.

Design The Skyline – Surrounded By Silence (Victory)
A fairly standard melodic deathcore band with a huge reliance on electronic effects. Keyboards and synthesizers abound on the music, which also shows slight hints of tech-death and extremely overprocessed vocal parts; the whole end result is so random it’s difficult to really comprehend. I can’t promote this at all, as it really doesn’t make a feasible package.

Moab – Ab Ovo (Kemado)
The first thing anyone will talk about with this band is the vocals, and they are different. They sound vaguely like sHeavy, wailing above the riffage like a banshee, but I dig it; I predict that will be a real “love it or leave it” part of this band. As far as the instruments, we have a solid doom/sludge outfit that provides enough lead work to keep even the jaded doom fan interested. Kemado is usually a solid bet with any release, and this should maintain that image.

Psychostick – Space Vampires vs. Zombie Dinosaurs in 3D (Rock Ridge Music)
I fucking hate this band, and nothing is going to change my mind about it. Not a lot of thought goes into their records, and they have a big enough fanbase of “don’t think, laugh” fans that don’t demand they improve their schtick. If you liked ‘em before, you’ll get it, I guess, but please reconsider.

Revocation – Chaos Of Forms (Relapse)
We’ve talked about this release a lot here on the site, and you can follow the link at the bottom if you’ve been away from our collective stoke-age on this record. Long story short, if you haven’t listened to Revocation yet, do it now. Stream the entire album at Guitar World. Killer.

Stand Your Ground – Despondenseas (Rite Of Passage/Mediaskare)
The band combines elements of metalcore and melodic metal, which is nothing we don’t see several times a week. Their guitars at times have a nü-metal tone, which I deplore, but this record just doesn’t do it for me in a number of other ways too. At all. Looks like Rite Of Passage Records is 0-for-2 so far.

The Cleansing – Feeding The Inevitable (Deepsend Records)
Intense, yet fairly standard death metal hailing from Denmark. They have a good thing going, yes, but this is indistinguishable from tons of other bands doing the exact same thing. The band has one other record under their belts, 2009’s Poisoned Legacy.

Today Is The Day – Pain is A Warning (Black Market Activities)
Steve Austin has a long history of replacing and recasting the roles of the other musicians in Today Is The Day, and after a four-year wait the new lineup is revealed on Pain Is A Warning. Wetnurse members Curran Reynolds and Ryan Jones fill out the lineup, and Axl’s interview with Reynolds earlier this year can be found here. You can stream tracks in several places online if you look around, including one on their own Facebook page.

Totimoshi – Avenger (At A Loss)
Totimoshi’s unique blend of alternative rock has recently led them to open a tour for The Melvins and landed them on At A Loss, arriving from former label Volcom Records. While it’s not exactly stoner metal Totimoshi are definitely of the heavier mentality, although they delve into different directions than a lot of their peers. Avenger was produced by Helmet’s Page Hamilton, who has produced the band’s last two records. The EP features guest appearances from Neurosis’s Scott Kelly and Mastodon’s Brent Hinds.

White Arms Of Athena – Astrodrama (Prosthetic)
The debut album from White Arms Of Athena is a concept album split into four acts. The group plays captivating progressive metalcore that keeps moving in new directions and keeps the listener entertained. You can, and most definitely should, stream the entire thing over at Hails and Horns.

Yob – Atma (Profound Lore)
The second record from Mike Scheidt’s new incarnation of Yob, Atma, features the latest progression of Scheidt’s particular spin on the doom genre: spaced-out songs with humongous riffage, mixed with Scheidt’s signature wail and a solid backing section. The approach has changed since Yob came onto the scene with 2002’s Elaborations of Carbon as the songwriting has become a bit more concise, but Atma will still fit in well with the rest of Yob’s crushing back-catalog. I’m lucky enough to have heard a few of the new tracks live (the band just stopped by Nebraska with Dark Castle), and my god, this band is still too good for words. Stream Atma in full over at NPR.


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