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Century - Red Giant

[UPDATE, 3pm EDT: Now including Thrice track embed.]

MetalSucks is nothing if not diverse in our taste in metal, so much so that it’s not uncommon to see comments calling us hipster douchebags and mainstream panderers in the very same post. Hey, we can’t help it if we enjoy all sorts of metal. We also enjoy chicken, red meat, vegetables, fruit AND seafood: go figure!!

In order from least to most heavy, let’s listen to brand new tracks from Thrice, Saviours and Century:


Most MetalSucks readers are probably not going to like Thrice and are going to wonder what they’re doing on a metal blog; to thee I say please skip this paragraph, do not collect $200, and go listen to Century. Indeed, it’s hard to believe that the 2011 version of the band is exactly the same one that wrote The Artist in the Ambulance and The Illusion of Safety, but if you go back and connect the dots from each album to each subsequent album in-between it actually makes sense. Thrice 2k11 via new song “Promises” sounds more like The White Stripes or something than the melodic hardcore with which they got their start, but no matter: the song still slams in its own unique way. The band’s seventh (!) album Major/Minor comes out on September 20th via their longtime label Vagrant Records.

Thrice – Promises [Lyric Video] from Vagrant Records on Vimeo.

I’ve been meaning to write about the two new Saviours tracks Brooklyn Vegan is hosting since they posted them a week ago; apologies for dropping the ball. What I’ve heard so far from Death’s Procession, the forthcoming Saviours album from which both tracks come, is exactly what you’d expect from these masters of vintage headbanging: tons of riffs that could’ve easily been on any Thin Lizzy or Judas Priest album packaged up in Saviours’ own expertly crafted songs. The new album comes out on September 6th via Kemado Records.

Pennsylvania metallic hardcore outfit Century have premiered a new track called “Oak God” on the Deciblog, and it finds the band picking up exactly where they left off with 2008’s Black Ocean. Slammy hardcore riffs abound with just enough metal inspiration to keep them from feeling lunk-headed but not too much to keep them from being catchy as fuck. Apparently Candlebox crooner Kevin Martin guests on the track, and apparently Decibel’s Shane Mehling is a closet Candlebox fan! Maybe I just didn’t know any better when Candlebox’s music first reigned upon my ears as a youngin’, but I’ve always liked Candlebox and their self-titled debut for the most part still holds up. ANYWAY, Century’s new album Red Giant will come out on August 30th via Prosthetic Records. Stream “Oak God” at The Deciblog.


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