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One of the most frequent criticisms leveled at TesseracT has to do with their (now ex-?) vocalist Dan Tompkins; he always seemed out of place on stage, a clean-cut gentlemen with a bunch of scraggly longhairs. Those who don’t like TesseracT will now seemingly have to find something else to pick on, as according to Got-Djent.com Dan Tompkins is out and Sky Eats Airplane vocalist Elliot Coleman is in.

The band didn’t make a big deal out of the switch. In fact, they didn’t even announce it (although presumably they’ll issue one of those generic “the split was amicable and we wish Dan well” statements any minute now). The band just showed up for a show in Milton Keynes, UK on Saturday night and walked out on stage with a new guy carrying the mic, just like that. I like it. Totally understated, keeping the media/internutz brouhaha to a minimum. In this day and age when vocalists are the least important members of most metal bands it makes perfect sense.

Here’s some fan-filmed footage of the band beginning their show on Saturday night. I can only image how surprised the fans must’ve been to see a different guy up there… serious question, I wonder what percentage of the audience had no clue something was different?

We’ll post official word as soon as we have it.


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