ESP LTD ViperEarlier this month, as part of our sponsorship of this year’s Summer Slaughter tour, we announced that we had two ESP guitars to give away, both signed by all the members of co-headliners The Black Dahlia Murder and Whitechapel. We asked MetalSucks readers the following question: “Which Black Dahlia Murder or Whitechapel song is the anthem for your summer?” Congrats to MS readers Diego Aguilar and Anthony Arellano for providing our favorite answers and netting themselves a sweet guitar in the process. Their answers, after the jump.

Diego Aguilar:

Statutory ape: (BDM) i traveled to st louis zoo and fell in love with the monkey exhibit. big ol’ bright red ass with the sun gleaming off of it. my jaw dropped. dick hard as a ryan seacrests calluses from giving handjobs. balls dripping wet. i knew what had to be done. i picked up the nearest orphan because fuck em, and threw him through the glass. this startled the apes as they ran screaming. i ran through the exhibit dodging shit like they were bullets from vietnam. i looked for that bright red ass and chased it down. i leaped about thirty feet in the air and tackled the dick out of that ape. It was love at first sight. me and the monkey locked eyes and a single tear dropped down. we both started making out heavy. sweat and tears running down our faces as we locked lips to the extreme. I invited her out to a movie so we went. we saw friends with benefits. watching mila kunis on the big screen got my penis erect. i did the ol’ popcorn trick and hand my monkey reach in for a handful of popped corn. she touched my dick and flipped out. she started screaming and ran out. I chased her down, tackled her and had my way with her. to this day good ol’ chimp chimp won’t return my calls……its funny how summer works i guess

Anthony Arellano:

Well, I would have to say “Unnerving” by Whitechapel would have to be the anthem of my summer. Why exactly? Because I went to Summer Slaughter, TWICE, and it was honestly one of the most amazing shows I’ve ever been to. Anyway, this song been stuck in my brain ever since. I have no idea how to make this comment seem interesting or funny…so, I’ll just be honest. I’ve tried to win other contests related to Summer Slaughter but, didn’t win. I’m not that lucky. :P …I hope I win…

– MS dudes

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