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  • Axl Rosenberg

I only just discovered Necroblashpheme a few weeks ago, but I have fallen in love with them — hard. Immediately after hearing the title track from their forthcoming EP, XXVI : The Deeper – The Better, I purchased a download of their last album, Destination: Nulle Part, without even hearing it first — and it was worth it. These dudes are the real fucking deal.

If you’re still not hip to them, hopefully the latest new track from XXVI will get you on board. It’s called “Seated to the Left of the Sick,” and like everything else I’ve heard by the band thus far, it is monstrous and totally killer. It’s so good that it makes me sad to hear that XXVI still has no official release date — I wanna hear the rest of the EP, and I wanna hear it STAT.

Seated To The Left Of The Sick by Necroblaspheme

Based on the comments left beneath my last post about the band, you cats are digging Necroblaspheme, too — which makes me happy. Nice when we can all agree on something. We’ll update you with more info on XXVI as we get it…


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