During our Big 4 Live Snark on Wednesday, we reported that during Megadeth’s set, Dave Mustaine told the crowd he needed neck surgery, and had been in a hospital as recently as Tuesday; in fact, not only was there a rumor on Monday that Megadeth were gonna miss the show, but word around the campfire was that Exodus had even been approached about possibly taking ‘Deth’s spot should the Davester have to drop out. (Fans offended that Exodus and not Testament were approached should keep in mind in that Gary Holt was already playing with Slayer anyway, so, y’know.)

Now Rolling Drone has scored a non-scoop by getting Mustaine to say in print that which he already said at the concert: he needs neck surgery. So, in case you didn’t believe him the first time he said it, now you should believe him because he told the magazine that gave St. Anger a positive review.

The interesting part of the interview, though, is Mustaine’s claim that G-O-D fixed it so he didn’t have to miss the Yankee Stadium show despite his neck issues:

“We called yesterday and said I couldn’t make [the gig]. And then I thought about it and I thought, ‘You know what? I trust God and I know He’s got me in His hands. I know that He hasn’t brought me this far through all this diversity and done all this reconciliation with all the [other] bands [the bill] and us all getting along this well to have the finale show [of the ‘Big Four’ tour] here in the States stopped. And I just thought, either God’s everything or it’s nothing, and I believe in Him, so that’s why I’m here.”

That’s not really shocking or anything, given that earlier this year, Mustaine was able to play a show despite having kidney stones because he was saved by Jesus, and not the stupid doctors who gave him an IV, an anti-inflammatory injection, and a bunch of painkillers. It’s just too bad that, in this instance, Dave is going to have to turn himself over to those doctors for actual surgery, and Dave Ellefson can’t just hold his hand and pray the boo-boo away.


[via Metal Insider]

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