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The passing of Apple visionary Steve Jobs is not nearly as maddening as the Casey Anthony verdict (let’s get cereal for a moment: it’s actually incredibly sad), but the responses of the metal community via Twitter are just as lulzy! So, in the spirit of our own Anso DF’s Casey Anthony verdict vs. the metal people Twitter roast I present to you…


So true. While my high school friends were worrying about viruses they got from the warez they downloaded, me and my Mac were sitting high and dry while I whacked off to Steve Jobs is the reason I can pull my putty with my left hand!

I won’t tell Axl Rose you called someone else the visionary master… don’t worry!

Fred Durst… true visionary!

Metal Blade is a Mac and Century Media is totes a PC!


Gary’s dong is an Apple product? Gary needs both hands to touch… Gary, how big ARE you?


I too think our current administration needs to do more about the passing of jobs. Millions of Americans are out of work fer chrissakes! Occupy Wall Street! (Love you, Vern!)

Jacob Bannon’s neck tattoo is of a happy mac face. True story.

Umm…. WHAT?

See Profound Lore, above!

Kinda like the impact and ripple effect of That Metal Show. Ohhhhh! (For the record I actually really like Eddie Trunk, dude’s been waving the metal flag for-ev-er.)

Would you say he was… Epic? Was he maybe Just A Man after all? Are you tweeting whilst Naked In Front of the Computer? Ok enough.

Sebastian Bach must have REALLY FUCKING BIG pockets!!! Damn son. Must be some New Jersey shit.

SomeEcards nails it as always.


Spoken like a true viking warrior.


Are you saddened by the passing of Steve Jobs? Will Apple be the same without him? Will music be the same without him???




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