Hipsters Out Of Metal!



Iceland’s Mínus made one of the century’s first mega-classics, the brain-rattling Jesus Christ Bobby album. But rather than further explore their singular metal-hardcore-noise thing, Mínus returned with a really entry-level hard rock album in 2004. That was a bummer — they seemed like loud music’s Michael Jordan clumsily starting from near-scratch in a new sport — but hey, they’re from Iceland, where shit doesn’t stay uninteresting for long.

So it was no shock that 2007’s The Great Northern Whalekill was weirder and cooler, like a ice-blasted Monster Magnet or less/more druggy Tomahawk. Around this time, fans like me might’ve gotten re-excited by the sense that Mínus was kinda making their way somewhere — if not back across the sphincter-tightening minefield of Bobby, than at least to somewhere off in the horizon that’s just as rad, like Cave In and Faith No More did.

Good news is that we might arrive at that awesome place this very year, as Mínus promises a 2011 release (“before Christmas”) for their fourth album, KOL. Above is a live clip of KOL‘s “Cradlesong.” So, are we there yet?


Find Mínus music and stuff here. And definitely crank this jam.

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