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The current drama in the Ratt camp that’s playing out through the media is nothing short of ridiculous, but we really shouldn’t be surprised; they’ve always conducted business this way! It’s part of how they operate, like how you know Axl Rose is always going to show up late to a concert or how an abusive husband is probably gonna repeat the same behavior over and over again despite what he promises. Eventually Pearcy, DeMartini, Blotzer and co. will kiss and make nice, after which they’ll inevitably hate each other even more and sink to even deeper lows via press mud-slinging. Hopefully they can record an album as unstoppably good as 2010’s Infestation in between.

The latest: Blotz referred to the way the rest of the band handles business as “a joke,” as if the very act of him saying that was somehow not apt to be included in his own statement (so meta!). The sleuths at Metal Insider then goaded Stephen Pearcy to react via Twitter:

“@metalinsider Because Bobby needs 2 vent, it’s his drama. Those are his words, his thoughts on how things should be done. NOT RATT WD or me.”

When we asked whether he’d like to possibly talk more with Metal Insider about the situation, Pearcy replied with the following tweet:

“@metalinsider Here ya go, RATT to release a new record 2012. Warren and myself will begin to write soon. Meetings r positive, 2012 TBA.”

So at least there’s one bit of positive news to taken from all the shit-slinging: new Ratt in 2012! Get excitebike.


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