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It was way back in January that I forecasted face-fucking awesomeness from Scorched-Earth Policy’s 2011 record. At that time, it was slated for an April release; but Summer passed and still I was left jamming to only the tantalizing album sampler and its cruelly brief tastes of sharply melodic and modern Bay Area thrash jamz. And just as I began despairing for S-EP to deliver on the sampler’s overwhelming promise — and perspiring about the integrity of my reportage that it’d be in 2011 that the album fucked faces — I was informed by guitarist Mark Lamb that the six-song set, titled Millennial Delusions, will be in stores Tuesday. Hellz yeah!

But you need not wait ’til Tuesday (ha) cuz our brahs-from-other-ma’s at Metal Insider are streaming the monster EP free right here. Give it a few spins and tell me if I’m wrong in my perceptions that a.) singer Judd Henry Mason is a nuclear warhead of awesome harmony vocals; b.) holy shit at least eight of Millennial Delusions‘ riffs are among the killerest, slammingest of the year; and c.) S-EP is an experienced act with the skill, identity, and cocksureness that will also come to awesome, developing bands like Lazarus A.D., Trivium, and Revocation. So they’re already overdue for a sweet label deal and a tasty triple bill with Lamb Of God and Soilwork :) We’ll call it the Anso No Pants Tour you’re welcome very much!


Get Scorched-Earth Policy’s awesome Millennial Delusions record here.

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