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What do Mormons and Finns have in common? Why, they both love Bring Me the Horizon, of course!

Last month, Bring Me the Horizon vocalist Oli Sykes called out a bunch of hecklers at a show in Salt Lake City, Utah, and those hecklers responded by rushing the stage and attacking the band; then, this past Sunday, the band was playing in Helsinki, Finland, where, once again, they found themselves the victims of heckling from the crowd — only this time, guitarist Jona Weinhofen decided to bring the fight to the fans, leaping into the audience and attacking some dude, Axl-Rose-in-Indiana-in-’91 style. But it was a way good idea to teach that dumb heckler a lesson, because he totally showed that dude who’s boss and deterred future hecklers, and did not break his hand, thereby endangering the nineteen remaining dates of the tour. Oh wait.

To Weinhofen’s credit, he’s apparently going to “attempt to gig tonight playing with only 2 fingers on a broken hand,” according to his Twitter account. (I don’t know how the hell you play guitar with two fingers, but maybe BMTH songs really are that easy to perform.) Not to Weinhofen’s credit is that this is absolutely the wrong way to deal with a heckler, and now the band’s actual fans may not get to see them at all. So, yeah, losing his temper was, like, totally worth it.

Here’s video of the fight, in case you’re interested:


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