Axl and I couldn’t stop raving about the Rammstein show we saw this past May for weeks afterward. The lights! The FIRE! The PYRO! The dude who gets lit on fire and runs across the stage! Everything about the whole damned show! Many would argue that Rammstein employ these gimmicks to distract attention away from their music, but they still put on one of the best shows I’ve ever seen and I think they happen to have some super-catchy shout-along anthems as well. Like, Korn could put on a show like this and they’d still suck.

But that was May. And now it’s November. Meaning Rammstein have had six whole month to up the “holy shit” factor in their live show to even greater heights. Here they are opening Sunday night’s show in Bratislava, Slovakia; a bridge drops down from the arena ceiling connecting the venue’s two (!) stages and… holy shit, just watch. Here’s to hoping they’re bringing this show to the U.S. soon; A+++ would DEFINITELY do business with again.


Thanks: Luis Fernando Pizano Escalante

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