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Last week, I saw some kid outside of a Chimaira show compliment keyboardist Sean Z. on his vocal performance. “I had no idea you could scream like that!” the lil’ dude proclaimed. Presumably, the young fan was somehow unaware that Z. is also the vocalist for Dååth, meaning that, yes, he is a helluva front man who can scream his guts out with the best of ’em.

I have no idea if incidents like that one were the inspiration for what Sean Z. has done now or not, but it’s easy to imagine the epicly bearded musician going “Hey, I’m getting all this new attention because of Chimaira, might as well put it to extra-good use!”

And so, whatever his motivation may be, Sean Z. has posted on his Facebook page links to download — for free, natch — not only the two Dååth albums on which he appears, but also b-sides and demos from those albums.

Here’s a run down of what he’s made available for free download:

  •  Dååth’s awesome 2009 album, The Concealers, and somehow-even-awesomer 2010 self-titled release.
  • Three b-sides from The Concealers. The first tune, entitled “Fecal Finger,” is actually a medley of death metal covers which debuted right here on MetalSucks way back in 2008; it features the band giving their spin on Dying Fetus’ “Praise the Lord (Opium of the Masses),” Cannibal Corpse’s “Hammer Smashed Face,” and Morbid Angel’s “Day of Suffering,” the last of which features guest vocals by Job for a Cowboy’s Jonny Davy. The second song, “Nasty Habits,” is a cover of an old Oingo Boingo tune; and the third one, “Liquid Memories,” I *believe* is a Dååth original which has not been previously released, although if it’s a cover I just don’t recognize, please feel free to bitch-slap me in the comments section.
  • Five demos from Dååth. They’re all labeled here with their pre-release demo titles — in this case, the names of women — but they’re for the tracks “Genocidal Maniac,” “Double Tap Suicide,” “The Decider,” “Oxygen Burn,” and “A Cold Devotion.” And these are FASCINATING, and if you’re either a Dååth fan or an aspiring professional musician. I mean, it’s really, really something to compare the band’s rough vision for each of these songs going into the recording process with their final versions… some of them went through some pretty serious changes, while some of them sound more or less the same (which much stronger performances and production on the final recording, obviously). A really cool peek into the band’s collective creative mind.

I have no idea how long any of this stuff will be available — I can’t imagine certain parties being too pleased with Sean Z.’s decision to just post all this shit and give it away for free — so head over to his Facebook page (specifically here and here) to get it while the gettin’ is good.

And now seems like a good time to mention (yet again) that Sean Z. and Chimaira are currently on tour; you can get dates here. And then you’ll be able to run up to him after the show and be like, “Dude, great job with the vocals! I TOTALLY KNEW YOU COULD SCREAM LIKE THAT!!!”


Thanks to James for the tip!

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