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UPDATE, 11:35 P.M.: Arif has confirmed that it’s just a shirt. Oh well. I’ll definitely buy one when it comes out, though!

Proving that Pig Destroyer can be quiet after all, tidbits about the band’s desperately-anticipated new album keep almost falling through the cracks. First, they performed some new songs live at a Seattle concert in February, footage of which somehow only just came to our attention; now, this little nugget of info almost got away from us, too. Seems that last Wednesday, while most of United Statesians were already checked out for Thanksgiving, Wormrot front man Arif was making this little announcement to the world via his Facebook page:

Now, I think it’s worth noting that Arif just says “artwork,” not “album artwork.” So it’s entirely possible he’s designing some piece of merch or whatever. Thus, my use of a question mark in the headline.

But let’s be real, he’s gotta mean “album artwork,” right?

Assuming he is, I’m pretty stoked. In case you didn’t know, Arif is a ridiculously talented artist (check out his work here), so I’d be really excited to see what he came up with for another band I love so much.

And that’s how desperate I’ve become for new Pig Destroyer. Conjecture about who’s doing the album art gets me all n’ bothered.


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