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Cynic have been on tour for approximately the past month and a half, starting with their headlining performance at the inaugural Metal Suckfest, trekking across the country to the West Coast, then skipping over to Europe. What started as an effort by Paul Masvidal to simply chronicle each day’s meditation with a brief thought and a photo has evolved into an in-depth daily journal, so Paul thought it would be a good time to revive his Metta Mind Journal column on MetalSucks. These journals are also available via Paul’s Facebook page.

Paul began the diary on the tour’s fifth day, in the Detroit suburb of Pontiac, Michigan. While his early entries are brief they’re no less interesting to read than the later ones which are much longer and more introspective. We’ve decided to group those early entries together and publish them all today, #5 through #22, which takes us through Slovenia. Tomorrow we’ll pick up with entry #23 from Vienna where Paul really starts to expand the scope of his journal entries.

Meditation location #5. Today we’re in Pontiac, Michigan for our sixth show of the CBA tour. Happy 11.11.11. The day CBA is released to the world. Spread the love!

Meditation location #6 – CBA tour – Riding the rainbow of the mind. One begins to notice that if you look to see who’s behind the thoughts, there’s no one there. Haha. — in Joliet, IL.

Meditation location #7 – CBA tour – Sometimes the tour bus is the best place to sit. Fun show in the twin cities. Thanks everyone for showing up.

Meditation location #8 – CBA tour – Denver, Co. Fantastic Tuesday. Thank you brothers and sisters for manifesting the collective juju tonight. We loved it. Peace!

Meditation location #9 – CBA tour. Salt Lake City, UT. You were all so incredibly sweet. A memorable, intimate evening for us. Thanks for showing up. We’ll play Unknown Guest next time!

Meditation location #10 – CBA tour. Thank you Portland for sharing your hearts and minds with us. You’re one of Cynic’s favorite places on the planet. Blessings to cousin Carlos and his wife Toni for sharing your home and for the wonderful space to sit. Thoughts have no real birthplace, no origin, they are unborn. Keep those hearts open brothers and sisters – Portland, Oregon

Meditation location #11 – CBA tour. Seattle! Wow. We were blown away. Incredibly beautiful vibe in the room. Thanks also to the Vancouver caravan and others who came from far and wide.

Meditation location #12 – CBA tour. San Francisco. LOVELOVELOVE. We laughed, we cried, and had a BALL! Thanks again for all the NorCal sweetness and light.

LALALALALALALALA> Meditation location #13 – CBA tour. Home town gig was brilliant. You guys welcomed us with open hearts and hands. We are so incredibly fortunate to have the best fans in the world. Thanks for showing up and being who you are. Love.

Meditation location #14 – CBA tour. Ferry to Dublin. What a fantastic welcoming to Europe. You guys were on fire! Sri Cosmic Sea, all is within you. As in a dream, I’m but a wave to…

Meditation location #15 – CBA tour. Belfast. Thanks to those who came from all over great Ireland and beyond. Wonderful to encounter such attentive spirits at the concert. You guys held the room with such a beautiful silence.

Meditation location #16 – CBA tour.
iheartLondoniheartLondoniheartLondoniheartLondoniheartLondoniheartLondoniheartLondoniheartLondoniheartLondoniheartLondon. Brilliant vibes all the way around. I am so grateful for nights like this. Reminds me of what it’s all about. Hearts off to ya. Cheers!

Meditation location #17 – CBA tour. Antwerp, Belgium – Attentive! Wow. You guys were so amazingly proper and mellow. Felt like an intimate living room gig. Great meeting you all after the show and discussing (with some of you) the magic and mystery of being alive.

Meditation location #18 – CBA tour. Rotterdam, Holland – (Sometimes), a tour bus is a meditating man’s best friend. Windy day! Was almost lifted skyward. Dank U Wel. We had a relaxed and vibin’ show thanks to your chill presence. Back in your neck of the woods in Amstelveen on the 20th. Peace is every step.

Meditation location #19 – CBA tour. Paris, France – I went on a long walk and got completely lost. Paris is the perfect city to be disoriented and liberated at the same time…a true pleasure of the senses! We absolutely loved the show. Parisian fans are at the top of the list when it comes to sheer passion and commitment. Bless you brothers and sisters of Paris and greater France. Bless you.

Meditation location #20 – CBA tour. Aarau, Switzerland – Nice room. Great sound, venue and the best shower of the tour, yet! I’m discovering this dynamic among Cynic audiences. Either quiet and attentive or full throttle off the cuff aliveness. The Swiss are certainly more of the restrained and quietly passionate type. It’s a beautiful quality and equally engaging for the musician. The energy in the room is more subtle yet totally present. We danced the night away, and I introduced the marsupial to Brandon. Thank you Switzerland.

Meditation location #21 – CBA tour. Italy = love fest. Perhaps the most passionate folks in western Europe …and who can argue with the food and wine? Grazie Mille to our beloved Italian fans. love to you.

Meditation location #22 – CBA tour. Slovenia – Omeed and I walked into the town center where locals held a flea market with everything from old vinyl to natural stones, jewelry, books, flowers and clothes. Strong hearts abound. I noticed how immediately present people seemed on the street. Most will look at you straight in the eye without a charge, just direct, sturdy stares. The small club we performed in was packed to the hilt with primarily locals and many kind folks / friends who travelled from their Yugoslav sibling Croatia and beyond. We all collectively gave way to the music as the room lit up with love and surrender. We’re all but one. Gratitude.

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