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The lo-fi, tasteless, silly, gross, adolescent fantasy that is the cover art for Terrorizer’s upcoming release, Hordes of Zombies, should make you feel all tingly in your no-no spots. It’s exactly the kind of cover art that would make me check out an album regardless of whether or not I already knew who the band were, just because oh fuck yes. It’s a reminder that death metal and grind are the genres that came along and looked at Derek Riggs’ work and said “Neat idea, but the execution is too pretty.” It’s just so… fucking… rad.

Better news still: the isn’t an album by some band I’ve never heard of! It’s an album by Terrorizer! And it is also fucking rad! It’s uncompromisingly ugly and blissfully unaware of any current metal trends. It’s not revolutionary, but it is DTRAP — down to rape and pillage*. It’s like Pete Sandoval’s giant flip of the bird of his sort-of-former bandmates in Morbid Angel, like he’s screaming at them, “How have you forgotten how to do this?!?” 

And now you can hear some of it! ‘Cause Decibel is streaming the track “Subterfuge.”  If you don’t have fun listening to it, go find an open elevator shaft and fall down it.

Hordes of Zombies comes out February 28 via Season of Mist.


*Thanks to my friend Jon for teaching me this new variation of “DTF.” I think that it’s much funnier than “DTF,” especially when you actually spell out the last three letters, pronouncing it “D-T-Rap.” Tell your friends!

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