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CrossesPerhaps inspired by last week’s stream of Deftones frontman Chino Moreno’s collaboration with Circa Survive’s Anthony Green, last week I finally got around to listening to the debut EP by another of Moreno’s projects, ††† (“Crosses”), his electronic collaboration with Far’s Shaun Lopez. I found the EP not just listenable but really, really good — after finishing it once, I started it over and listened to the whole thing again. Unlike our usual steady diet of metal, it was easy to let Crosses exist in the background while I worked, easy to enjoy the smooth electronic beats, blips, bloops and Chino’s distinct voice without devoting the music my full attention. Who ever said side-projects couldn’t be interesting?

Less than a year after the release of †, Crosses are back with their second EP… wait for it… ††. Rolling Stone is streaming the track “Prurien†” from the EP now, which you can and should listen to and download here.

Oh, and in case anyone is planning on reposting this and is wondering how you make the † symbol, it’s Option-T on a Mac (PC: I couldn’t tell ya). Copy-and-paste is sweet, too.


Photo credit: Tyler William Parker for Rolling Stone

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