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SikthReunited-but-not-really prog metal pioneers SiKth have officially  announced what we all basically already knew: a new album is on the way!

The announcement came via the band’s newly launched Facebook page, following the band’s decision earlier this week to launch said Facebook page and a new merch site. Launching Facebook pages and new merch sites aren’t things that broken up bands typically do so we all surmised new music would come eventually, but still, it’s encouraging to hear that SiKth aren’t just releasing a greatest hits collection or live album — we’re getting actual new material:

More Merch has been ordered guys.. hoodies and girls skinny tee’s. we will then look at getting some of the other designs up. btw, Calls for a reunion are amazing.. thanks… OF COURSE we want to… we’ve never said other wise. It will happen when the times right. There WILL be another SikTh record… and it will be our best… thats a PROMISE. It took us the best part of 2 years to complete the writing of DOADD so I guess you’ll have to be patient. Besides, theres a bucket load of riffs that we wrote for album three still sat there – so we’ll have a head start next time ;-)

So — look out for a new SiKth record at some point in the not-too-distant future. My guess would be that fall 2012 is the earliest we’ll see it, but possibly not until 2013.


Thanks: Andrew Iwanicki

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