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Vince recently wondered “what kind of impact Koloss will have on someone who just started getting into metal in 2010, the year djent really took off, when Meshuggah were off-cycle,” and I think that’s an interesting, and valid, question. But speaking as an old man who didn’t just get into metal in 2010 and who did try to listen to the heavily-anticipated new release from a certain up-and-coming djenty death metal band last night and found himself completely bored after just a few songs, I am VERY excited for Koloss, which I think will most likely blow all these young turks right the fuck out of the water. This premonition is only bolstered by the just-released new song from the album, “Do Not Look Down,” which is pretty sweet. Between this and the already-released “Break Those Bones Whose Sinews Gave It Motion,” I’m starting to get the sense that Koloss may actually be very accessible by Meshuggah standards, but that’s not a bad thing — these songs are just chunky and catchy and tickle me in all the right places.

Stream “Do Not Look Down” by clicking one of the Koloss pre-order packages here (don’t worry, you don’t have to buy it to hear the song) and see what you think.

Koloss comes out on March 23 via Nuclear Blast.


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