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We’ve been hearing about Galaktikon, the new side project from Dethklok’s Brendon Small, for a lil’ while — but now Small has finally released some new music for us to mull over. The song “On My Way” is now streaming on Crave Online.

It’s way, way more melodic than Dethklok — which makes sense, since between the involvement of Small and fellow Dethkloker (and the sixth best drummer in modern metal) Gene Hoglan, if it was just more death-y stuff, it wouldn’t make sense to re-title it. But it’s not as science fiction-y sounding as you might have expected, given the project’s name and artwork. It really feels to me like some of the more melodic stuff from neo-thrash bands like Trivium, which doesn’t bum me out at all, although I do wonder if some thirteen year old Nathan Explosion fans will accuse it of suffering from Labonte-ism.

Headbang here, then come back and let us know what you think in the comments section. The Galaktikon album is scheduled for release sometime next month.


[via Heavy Blog is Heavy]

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