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So did anyone see the return of Metalocalypse last night? I went into Old Man Mode and fell asleep CRAZY early and haven’t gotten to watch it yet. Did it live up to expectations?

And speaking of Brendon Small projects and living up to expectations: I like his new non-Dethklok jam, Galaktikon, but our critic Mad Sourman does not. And now you can decide for yourself, ’cause the whole thing is streaming here… although I’m not sure for how much longer, ’cause it was actually released, semi-unceremoniously, yesterday, to coincide with Metalocalypse‘s return. So you’d better listen while you can, unless you don’t mind buying the thing based on what you’ve heard already.

And if you hate it, well… there’s supposed to be a Dethklok/Dethalbum III later this year, so maybe that’ll make ya happy.


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