Unsigned and Unholy



cyclopian(Cyclopian’s self-titled album)

That’s right, kiddos: unsigned bands can rock your panties off too. That’s why we’ve got three incredible unsigned bands for you guys this week: trippy, proggy doom from Cyclopian, Converge hardcore + DEP math-metal from Equal Minds Theory, and epic neo-classical instrumetal from Mendel. Something for everyone!

  • Cyclopian: What happens when the trippy, proggy tendencies of The Ocean are taken to their doomiest, postiest, amientest, most Isis-y extremes. Here’s their self-titled new album, via Bandcamp, in full:

  • Equal Minds Theory: Equal Minds Theory are equal parts Converge hardcore and Dillinger Escape Plan math-metal. Which is a really cool combination to these ears, because both of the aforementioned can become tiring after a while because of their singularity. There’s even a touch of spacey tech-death, ala The Faceless, thrown in here for good measure in the form of death metally lead guitars.

  • Mendel: Kind of like The Human Abstract, but without vocals and much faster / more energetic. Still with the same neo-classical influence all over the place, though. Fantastic stuff. [via reader Andy Osborn]


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